Brain Imaging Center (RUBIC)

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    RUBIC 197 University Avenue, Aidekman 104 Newark, NJ, 07102-1814

    United States

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RUBIC was built with a $1.82 million grant from the National Science Foundation in 2010 and is affiliated with the Psychology Department and the Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience. This first grant allowed RUBIC to purchase a Siemens Trio. A second grant for $1.48 million from the National Science Foundation in 2019 allowed RUBIC to buy a Siemens Prisma. See images of the installation of the Trio and the Prisma.

RUBIC enables researchers from the Rutgers campuses as well as those from nearby institutions (e.g., Kessler Foundation, UMDNJ, etc.) to develop new research strategies and increase understanding of brain processes underlying typical functioning (e.g. human development, learning and memory, perceptual dynamics, neuroeconomics, computational neuroimaging) as well as atypical functioning such as that associated with developmental problems, mental illness, and addiction. Research at RUBIC is supported at present by various agencies and foundations including NSF, NIH, NIDA, NEI, and the James S. McDonnell Foundation.


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