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    The Rutgers New Jersey Cryo-Electron Microscopy and Tomography Core Facility images and creates high-resolution three-dimensional maps of biomolecules preserved in native or near-native conditions by rapid vitrification. Our versatile setup can be used for high-resolution experiments as well as analysis of more heterogeneous or pleomorphic biospecimens. We provide training to students, staff, and faculty to disseminate knowledge in this field.

    The facility is available on a fee-for-use basis, with preference in scheduling and pricing to members of the Rutgers community. Potential users are welcomed to contact the director to discuss how cryo-electron microscopy or tomography can be applied to their projects. Before bringing a specimen to the facility, users should provide supporting data that their specimen is of a suitable concentration (generally, 0.2-1 mg/mL) and of sufficient purity for cryo-electron microscopy.


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