Flow Cytometry/Cell Sorting & Confocal Microscopy Core Facility

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    The Flow Cytometry/Cell Sorting & Confocal Microscopy Core Facility has been analyzing samples for academic and industrial researchers at reasonable costs since 1985. The goal of the Facility is to give investigators access to state-of-the-art instrumentation, technical expertise and experimental protocols for analysis of cells, particles, and tissues by flow cytometry/cell sorting and confocal microscopy.
    Services Include:- Immunophenotyping- DNA and RNA content- Cell-cycle distribution and Tumor-ploidy determination- Apoptosis assays (Annexin V, TUNEL assay, and Caspase activity, etc.)- Cell proliferation assay- Cell function measurements (i.e., viability, oxidative metabolism, and phagocytosis)- Cell biochemistry (i.e., intracellular pH, calcium mobilization, mitochondria membrane potential, microviscosity, and glutathione content)- Analysis of fluorescent protein (GFP, YFP, and RFP) expression- Side population analysis for stem cell research- Fluorescence imaging of individual cells and tissue samples- Cell sorting and cloning
    The Facility is also equipped with a laser-based scanning confocal microscope (Leica TCS SP8). This instrument can be used to:- Conduct advanced imaging of tissue sections, cell monolayers and single cells- Quantitate Ca++, pH, and membrane potential transients of viable cells- Conduct fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) analysis in tissue sections or single cells- Collect 3-D information from complex samples/reconstruct 3-D images for extended analysis- Image subcellular processes as they occur


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