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    Rutgers Cancer Institute
 195 Little Albany Street New Brunswick, NJ 08903

    United States

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The Research Pharmacy shared resource provides support for Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey members who conduct research with investigational agents in human subjects. The overall goal of this shared resource is to support the rigorously reviewed research with investigational agents in human subjects by providing an efficient, centralized service of extraordinary quality.

The specific goals of this shared resource are to:
- Develop and maintain proper methods for preparation and handling of investigational agents
- Ensure that all issues involving drug accountability, dosing, and administration are (a) clearly defined in the protocol; (b) consistent with Rutgers Cancer Institute, State, and Federal policies and procedures; and (c) followed to ensure the proper use of all study agents in clinical trials
- Facilitate procurement, maintain accountability, and provide secure and appropriate storage for all investigational agents, and ensure that these agents are dispensed according to protocol guidelines; for the basic science programs, the Research Pharmacy shared resource procures investigational and commercial agents for laboratory use
- Assist Cancer Institute investigators, along with the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey’s Office of Human Research Services (OHRS), in maintaining regulatory compliance
- Provide expert consultation on the use of new agents regarding drug interactions, sequencing, formulation and administration
- Provides an additional level of quality assurance in clinical trials through a) verification of informed consent; b) verification of eligibility and enrollment through the OHRS before dispensing any agent to clinical trial participants; c) verification of dose assignments in phase I trials; d) verification of investigators’ active National Cancer Institute (NCI) status; e) review of dose modifications; f) assessment for potential drug interactions; g) maintenance of randomization schemas for investigator-initiated trials; and h) assessment of patient adherence for self-administered protocol therapy

Equipment in the Research Pharmacy shared resource includes:
- Research Pharmacy4 ThermoForma 36.5 cubic ft. refrigerators (2oC to 14oC)
- 2 ThermoForma ULT -80oC freezer
- 1 ThermoForma 16 cubic ft. –30oC freezer
- SmartVue, a wireless remote temperature monitoring system
- 7 BioGARD biological vertical flow safety hoods
- Labconco Balance Enclosure for counting non-sterile hazardous medications
- 1 Kirby Lester KL-1 pill counting machine
- 1 BioClave Autoclave
- 1 Dell computer for SmartVue monitoring, one iMac computer, printers and fax machine
- Vestigo web-based investigational drug service product that enhances efficiencies while helping ensure that complex protocols are properly managed for consistency, safety, and compliance


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