Rutgers Biostatistics and Epidemiology Services Center (RUBIES)

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    Rutgers University Biostatics & Epidemiology Services (RUBIES) is a center within Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences and the Rutgers School of Public Health that provides statistical support, including design, programming, data management, and data analysis, to investigators throughout Rutgers University. RUBIES staff completes the services in consultation with the Faculty Director/other Faculty, where appropriate. Our research support is provided on a fee-for-support basis. Types of research support: - Study design and sample size calculations - Production of statistical summaries, including tables and graphs - Programming in SAS, R, Stata, SPSS, and other popular software packages - Sophisticated modeling including multiple imputation of missing data, regression, survival analysis, mixed-effects models, machine learning, high-dimensional data methods, spatial models, propensity scores, marginal structural models, matching, and sensitivity analysis - Interpretation of results - Drafting manuscripts and abstracts - Comprehensive data management, including database design, merging databases, and data cleaning - When services are more appropriately handled by faculty, the staff will refer clients to appropriate faculty in the Department of Biostatistics and - Epidemiology.


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