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Erratum to Feasibility and informative value of environmental sample collection in the National Children's Vanguard Study [Environmental research, 140, (2015), 345-353] DOI: 10.1016/j.envres.2015.04.006

Barksdale Boyle, E., Deziel, N. C., Specker, B. L., Collingwood, S., Weisel, C. P., Wright, D. J. & Dellarco, M., Oct 1 2015, In : Environmental research. 142, 1 p.

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Erratum: Genome-wide association study of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in Chinese subjects identifies susceptibility loci at PLCE1 and C20orf54 (Nature Genetics (2010) 42 (759-763))

Wang, L. D., Zhou, F. Y., Li, X. M., Sun, L. D., Song, X., Jin, Y., Li, J. M., Kong, G. Q., Qi, H., Cui, J., Zhang, L. Q., Yang, J. Z., Li, J. L., Li, X. C., Ren, J. L., Liu, Z. C., Gao, W. J., Yuan, L., Wei, W., Zhang, Y. R. & 107 others, Wang, W. P., Sheyhidin, I., Li, F., Chen, B. P., Ren, S. W., Liu, B., Li, D., Ku, J. W., Fan, Z. M., Zhou, S. L., Guo, Z. G., Zhao, X. K., Liu, N., Ai, Y. H., Shen, F. F., Cui, W. Y., Song, S., Guo, T., Huang, J., Yuan, C., Huang, J., Wu, Y., Yue, W. B., Feng, C. W., Li, H. L., Wang, Y., Tian, J. Y., Lu, Y., Yuan, Y., Zhu, W. L., Liu, M., Fu, W. J., Yang, X., Wang, H. J., Han, S. L., Chen, J., Han, M., Wang, H. Y., Zhang, P., Li, X. M., Dong, J. C., Xing, G. L., Wang, R., Guo, M., Chang, Z. W., Liu, H. L., Guo, L., Yuan, Z. Q., Lu, Q., Yang, L. Q., Zhu, F. G., Yang, X. F., Feng, X. S., Wang, Z., Li, Y., Gao, S. G., Qige, Q., Bai, L. T., Yang, W. J., Lei, G. Y., Shen, Z. Y., Chen, L. Q., Li, E. M., Xu, L. Y., Wu, Z. Y., Cao, W. K., Wang, J. P., Bao, Z. Q., Chen, J. L., Ding, G. C., Zhuang, X., Zhou, Y. F., Zheng, H. F., Zhang, Z., Zuo, X. B., Dong, Z. M., Fan, D. M., He, X., Wang, J., Zhou, Q., Zhang, Q. X., Jiao, X. Y., Lian, S. Y., Ji, A. F., Lu, X. M., Wang, J. S., Chang, F. B., Lu, C. D., Chen, Z. G., Miao, J. J., Fan, Z. L., Lin, R. B., Liu, T. J., Wei, J. C., Kong, Q. P., Lan, Y., Fan, Y. J., Gao, F. S., Wang, T. Y., Xie, D., Chen, S. Q., Yang, W. C., Hong, J. Y., Wang, L., Qiu, S. L., Cai, Z. M. & Zhang, X. J., Jan 1 2014, In : Nature genetics. 46, 9, 1 p.

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Erratum: Cognitive Effects of Chronic Exposure to Lead and Solvents (American Journal of Industrial Medicine (2003) 44, 4 (413-423))

Fiedler, N., Weisel, C., Lynch, R., Kelly-McNeil, K., Wedeen, R., Jones, K., Udasin, I., Ohman-Strickland, P. & Gochfeld, M., Apr 1 2004, In : American journal of industrial medicine. 45, 4, 1 p.

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Occupational Medicine
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Invited commentary: sensitivities to chemicals--context and implications.

Kipen, H. & Fiedler, N., Jan 1 1999, In : American journal of epidemiology. 150, 1

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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Attitude of Health Personnel
Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
Environmental Exposure

The authors reply

Fiedler, N. & Kipen, H., Jan 1 1995, In : Journal of occupational and environmental medicine. 37, 6, 1 p.

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Chronic steroid dependent asthma.

Kipen, H. M., Jun 1 1992, In : New Jersey Medicine : the journal of the Medical Society of New Jersey. 89, 6, 1 p.

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Occupational Diseases
Occupational Exposure