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Breast cancer is second only to lung cancer as the most common
neoplasm in women and a leading cause of cancer death in women.
Progress in gaining an understanding of breast cancer is proceeding
at an extremely rapid pace. Major technological developments have
been made that promise to greatly improve our ability to detect and
manage the disease. Laboratories and clinical units throughout the
world are addressing all aspects of the disease, from molecular
biologic studies of its genetic origins to new strategies for
therapy in the patient with advanced breast cancer. Knowledge
gained from such studies is beginning to impact the burden of
breast cancer in our society, although considerably more cancer
control research is needed. To assure continued progress against
the disease, and to foster the translation of research findings to
the clinical problems in breast cancer, periodic meetings are
required of those scientists and clinicians interested in breast
cancer to: (1) assess the latest findings related to the origins,
biology, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer; 2) disseminate
this knowledge to scientists and clinicians interested in the
disease; 3) foster new initiatives and collaborations in the study
of breast cancer, particularly at the interface between the
laboratory and clinic; and, 4) explore new concepts and
technologies from the diverse fields of modern biomedical research
that could be brought to bear on the problems of breast cancer
biology and management. This proposal requests funding for a
Breast Cancer Research Conference to be held under the auspices of
the International Association for Breast Cancer Research in Tel
Aviv, Israel, March 5-9, 1989. The Meeting will consist of state-
of-the-art plenary sessions, poster sessions, panel discussions and
a workshop. This meeting will be a timely and significant stimulus
to research on breast cancer, and an opportunity for the
development of new insights and approaches to the study of the
Effective start/end date3/25/893/24/90


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