Center for Childhood Neurotoxicology and Assessment

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The unifying of theme of the Center for Childhood Neurotoxicology and
Assessment is to determine the influence exposure to neurotoxicants on child
neurological health and development, with autism and related learning
disabilities as a focus. The objectives of the Center are to detect,
understand and prevent environmental health problems as they relate to
children. These objectives are achieved by facilitating interdisciplinary
research, enhancing community and advocacy group involvement, and
disseminating results to the public through publications, conferences and
community outreach. The multidisciplinary research of the Center is based on
three main project areas. The Basic Sciences Projects examine facets of brain
development, beginning with neurogenesis and proceeding through to behavior in
the intact animal. The Clinical Sciences Projects are interactive with
community groups representing children with learning disabilities and their
families, with particular emphasis on autism. These projects explore the
linkage between environmental neurotoxicants, clinical course of autism,
regional brain growth and a possible new gene-environment interaction with
autism. The Exposure Assessment and Intervention Project (EAIP) will
characterize the personal, residential and general community of exposure of
children selected by the Clinical Sciences Projects. The EAIP will then
determine the need for interventions to reduce neurotoxicant exposure among
learning disabled children and assess the impact of such interventions. The
Exposure Assessment Facility Core will provide innovative video techniques to
assess the relationship between the behavior of the child with autism and
his/her potential to contact with neurotoxicants. The overall mission of the
Center is to improve environmental and public health of children through
research, assessment, treatment and outreach.
Effective start/end date9/30/019/29/06


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