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The proposed research seeks to evaluate CNS side effects of
antihypertensive therapies by means of a multidimensional, psychobiological
assessment methodology. Of particular interest are the effects of
treatment on sleep architecture, cognitive and perceptual-motor
performance, mood state, and sexual function. Additionally, the potential
role of peripheral (circulatory and metabolic) processes as determinants of
fatigue and other CNS effects will be investigated. In order to assess the
effects of treatment in chronically medicated and untreated patients, three
complimentary studies are proposed: Study I will consist of a matched comparison in which 48 male hypertensive
patients receiving long-term propranolol therapy will be compared to a
matched group of patients on clonidine. Two cohort groups will be selected
for evaluation within each drug condition, and an equal number of
symptomatic and asymptomatic patients will be included. The purpose of the
study is to identify patterns of CNS effects associated with patient
complaints of drowsiness and fatigue, and to test hypotheses concerning the
mediation of these effects. Study II is a prospective, experimental
evaluation of 80 untreated male hypertensive patients, in which 48 patients
will be randomly assigned to pharmacological (propranolol, clonidine,
placebo), and 32 patients to non-pharmacological treatment. Complete
psychobiological assessments will be conducted before and after each
treatment phase. Study III consists of a partial replication of Study II,
in which elderly males with isolated systolic hypertension will receive
propranolol, placebo, or non-pharmacological therapy. The latter studies
will investigate biobehavioral sequellae of adrenergic-inhibiting and
non-pharmacological therapies in untreated male patients. Taken together, these studies will provide an in-depth evaluation of CNS
side effects associated with antihypertensive treatment, and will be of
value in the clinical management of hypertension.
Effective start/end date4/1/857/31/93


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