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Center for Autonomic Computing (CAC)Proposal #1127965This proposal seeks funding for the Center for Autonomic Computing (CAC) sites at the University of Florida (lead), Rutgers University, the University of Arizona, and Mississippi State University. Funding Requests for Fundamental Research are authorized by an NSF approved solicitation, NSF 10-601. The solicitation invites I/UCRCs to submit proposals for support of industry-defined fundamental research. A unified cloud computing environment enabling anytime, anyplace access to limitless computing resources still represents an ideal given the current environment of heterogeneous resources distributed geographically and offered by vastly different service providers. The proposed effort spans the expertise and capabilities of the four center sites. The work aims to apply autonomic computing principles to address elements such as security, inter-cloud networking, and resource provisioning via thermal sensing and model-based adaptive performance control in order to create a framework for realization and management of trustworthy unified cloud computing environments. Results will be derived from the implementation of the proposed approaches on a planned distributed cloud testbed.Advancement of the cloud computing paradigm has the potential to enable transformative change to user access to information technology enabling major advances in economic productivity and access to a broad range of new services. The proposed center effort works with a small member company and large systems integrator member. Industry will further benefit via dissemination of the results through the center membership and the extension of the center?s project portfolio into this area. Efficiency gains potentially realized at cloud computer centers from the proposed efforts has the potential to reduce energy costs system wide. The work plans to bring together a distributed cloud environment deployed across CAC sites to establish an open testbed for research and development of inter-cloud interoperability that has the potential to serve as a resource for the work of the broader community in this important area.
Effective start/end date8/15/117/31/12


  • National Science Foundation (National Science Foundation (NSF))


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