• Tischfield, Jay (PI)
  • Hesselbrock, Victor (PI)
  • Kuperman, Samuel (PI)
  • Edenberg, Howard (PI)
  • Schuckit, Marc (PI)
  • Rice, John P. (PI)
  • Dick, Danielle (PI)
  • Reich, Theodore (PI)
  • Begleiter, Henri (PI)
  • Bierut, Laura Jean (PI)
  • Hesselbrock, Victor (CoI)
  • Edenberg, Howard (CoI)
  • Bierut, Laura J. (CoI)
  • Porjesz, Bernice (PI)
  • Agrawal, Arpana (PI)
  • Meyers, Jacquelyn Leigh (PI)
  • Foroud, Tatiana M. (CoI)

Project Details


The long-term objective of this multidimensional interdisciplinary
research project is to characterize the genetic factors involved in the
determination of predisposition to alcoholism. This substantial
undertaking involves the expertise of biochemists. clinicians,
geneticists, neuropsychologists, neurophysiologists and statisticians. Since no single group in the field of alcohol studies includes the
expertise and experience necessary for a comprehensive study, we have
formed a Consortium of researchers to design, implement and coordinate
this collaborative genetic investigation. We propose a "coordinating
center" which is a fully integrated center
"without walls", whose structures insures the full participation of a
multidisciplinary scientific team of senior investigators with different
expertise. Indeed, the inclusion of five sites (SUNY Health Science Center,
Indiana University School of Medicine, University of California at San Dieg and Scripps Clinic an& Research Foundation. University of Connecticut Healt Center, Washington University Medical Center) is imperative to bring the
full range of " state-of-the-art" expertise and experience to bear on
scientific issues. The molecular biology and qenome mapping studies will be located at Indiana
University, Scripps Clinic and Washington University. The development of
clinical assessment will take place at University of Connecticut, Universit of California at San Diego and Washington University and the blood markers
will be analyzed at Indiana University. The analysis of neuropsychological
data will take place at University of Connecticut. The repository of neurophysiological data will be at SUNY Health Science
Center at Brooklyn, and data analysis as well as development of new
neurophysiological data analytic techniques will be conducted at SUNY Healt Science Center and University of Connecticut. The conduct and analysis of
ethanol challenge studies will be conduct primarily at University of
California at, San Diego in collaboration with Indiana University. Finally,
the overall management and analyses of data will be conducted at Indiana
University and Washington University and will include segregation and
linkage analyses.
Effective start/end date9/29/898/31/24


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