• Komisaruk, Barry (PI)
  • Terkel, Joseph (PI)
  • Higgins, Michael (PI)
  • Byrne, Guerard (PI)
  • Robinson, Grant (PI)
  • Wysocki, C. (PI)
  • Kovach, Joseph (PI)
  • Witcher, Jeffrey (PI)
  • Keim, Kevin (PI)
  • Grippi, Michael (PI)
  • Chu, C. (PI)
  • Lane, John (PI)
  • Glade, Michael (PI)
  • Joyce, Jeff (PI)
  • Grotta, James (PI)
  • Schull, John (PI)
  • Lash, James (PI)
  • Blanchard, Robert (PI)
  • Dorsa, Daniel (PI)
  • Hand, Peter (PI)
  • True, Lawrence (PI)
  • Mansfield, Richard (PI)
  • Jarrell, Susan (PI)
  • McEwen, Bruce (PI)
  • Balthazart, Jacques (PI)
  • Green, Kenneth (PI)
  • Eilbert, James (PI)
  • Hall, W. (PI)
  • Murrin, Leonard (PI)
  • Rossenwasser, Alan (PI)
  • Chute, Douglas (PI)
  • Boyson, Sally (PI)
  • Baskin, Dennis (PI)
  • Wellington, Judith (PI)
  • Campbell, Kenneth (PI)
  • Greenberg, Joel (PI)
  • Nissanov, Jonathan (PI)
  • Schneider, Jay (PI)
  • Sower, Stacia (PI)
  • Collins, Allan (PI)
  • Levin, Barry (PI)
  • Stanley, Glenn (PI)
  • Mash, Deborah C. (PI)
  • Filloux, Francis (PI)
  • Cole, Daniel (PI)
  • Libon, David (PI)
  • Wooten, G. (PI)
  • McEachron, Donald (PI)
  • Weiss, Benjamin (PI)
  • Rowland, Neil Edward (PI)
  • [No Value], Chung Y. (PI)
  • Tenjani-Butt, Shanaz (PI)
  • Chaudhuri, Avijit (PI)
  • Ball, Gregory Francis (PI)
  • Winokur, Andrew (PI)
  • Tretiak, Oleh (PI)
  • Miller, John (PI)
  • Robinson, T. Joan (PI)
  • Price, Joseph (PI)
  • De Lanerolle, Nihal (PI)
  • Rand, Matthew (PI)
  • Gustafson, Carl (PI)
  • Aronowski, Jaroslaw A. (PI)
  • Murphy, Elizabeth Hazel (PI)
  • Smith, Dennison (PI)
  • Neal-Beliveau, Bethany (PI)
  • Pauly, James (PI)
  • Ozturk, Cengizhan (PI)
  • Benno, Robert (PI)
  • Joyce, Jeffrey (PI)

Project Details


We propose to operate a Biomedical Technology Resource
dedicated to computer vision methods for neurocartography.
This Resource will pursue a research and development
program in mathematical and statistical techniques and in
computer algorithms best suited for the development of
innovative, efficient, reliable, and practical methods of
obtaining accurate quantitative data from brain images.
The essence of the proposed technologies are tools to map
experimental neuroanatomical images into a reference atlas
and tools to automatically process them once they are
transformed. The power of this technology is in the
potential of combining maps into multimodal representations
facilitating an integrated view of brain structure and
function. To complement this technology, the Resource, as
an aspect of its service activity, will distribute a high-
resolution three-dimensional rat brain atlas, brain mapping
software, as well as operate facilities open to the
research community for the production of additional brain
atlases. The Resource will disseminate the developed
techniques, methods,a nd technologies and train the
scientific community through workshops, conferences and on-
site tutorials.
Effective start/end date9/30/838/31/00


  • National Institutes of Health
  • National Institutes of Health
  • National Institutes of Health
  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)

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