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The primary goal of this working conference is to "improve health services
research design and methods" by exploring and elaborating how best to use
both quantitative and qualitative methods in primary care research, i.e.,
to develop and define a multimethod approach. The conference will focus on
exploring: 1) which questions for which method; and 2) how to combine
methods. Experts on research on changing primary care provider behavior
and practice patterns have been selected to identify key unanswered
questions in the research area. Nationally recognized researchers have
been selected to represent; 1) core research areas defined by AHCPR in the
summary report of the March 1990 AHCPR Conference, 2) five approaches to
qualitative data collection and analysis, and 3) five designs and methods
used by quantitative researchers. Researchers who have successfully
communicated about qualitative methods to mixed audiences of physicians and
epidemiologists will moderate small group sessions, keep notes of group
findings, and prepare written summaries. Researchers participating in the
conference come from family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics,
anthropology, biostatistics, educational research, epidemiology, health
policy/economics, psychology, and sociology. Prior to arriving at the conference, each participant will write a ten page
summary of their area of expertise. Each summary, and a brief
bibliography, will be assigned to another conference participant who will
review the material and then informally interview the author. This process
will facilitate communication, both by having participants considering the
best ways of communicating their message (i.e., without jargon) and by
having participants informally speaking before the conference. During the
conference, attendees will participate in both large and small groups.
Important questions in the area of primary care provider behavior and
practice patterns will be identified and different approaches to the
integration of qualitative and quantitative approaches explored and defined
for each. An Executive Steering Committee of the Principal Investigator,
members of the Division of Primary Care at AHCPR, and selected conference
participants will oversee conference development. Proceedings of the
conference will be made available to AHCPR after the conference. An edited
volume will be prepared for independent publication.
Effective start/end date9/30/921/31/94


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