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A substantial proportion (probably 30-40%) of elderly persons are being
treated with BP medications. The efficacy of BP drug therapy in older
patients with diastolic or combined diastolic/systolic hypertension is well
proven but there is little doubt that such therapy can adversely effect
quality of life and biochemical profile. there is a compelling rationale
to (1) identify what proportion of medicated, well-controlled elderly
hypertensives can be maintained (long-term; > 30 months) in the
normotensive state following withdrawal of BP medications, and (2)
determine whether non-pharmacologic therapy can significantly increase the
proportion with a successful outcome. Nine-hundred subjects (225 in each of four centers) 65-80 yrs. with a SBP
<160 and DBP <90 mmHg while receiving one BP medication will be enrolled
in a trial to test the efficacy of weight loss and sodium restriction
(alone and combined) in maintaining the normotensive state following
withdrawal of antihypertensive medications. Six-hundred overweight
participants will be randomly assigned to weight loss, sodium restriction,
combined weight loss and sodium restriction, or attention control. Three-
hundred non-overweight participants will be randomly assigned to a sodium
restriction or attention control group. The attention groups will be
engaged in a series of non-BP related health encounters designed to control
for non-specific effects of groups contacts. Withdrawal of
antihypertensive medications will be attempted following 6 weeks of
intervention. the primary trial endpoint will be need for recurrent
antihypertensive drug therapy. The significance of the proposed study is
that our findings may identify a non-pharmacologic approach which provides
a safe and well-tolerated method by which to discontinue antihypertensive
drug therapy in the approximately 15 million persons > 65 years who are
currently being treated with BP medications. In addition, our study will
identify the proportion of elderly hypertensives who can be maintained in
the normotensive state without any intervention following withdrawal of
their BP medications.
Effective start/end date4/1/923/31/96


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