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The aims of the proposed study are to determine whether the occurence of
IVH, its severity, and the gestational age when it occurs, affect
subsequent neurodevelopmental outcome in the victims. In addition, the
study will seek to determine whether specific functions are affected, and
whether knowing the locus of the hemorrhage allows prediction of particular
neurodvelopmental sequelae. The study also proposes to examine the
influence of environmental conditions on the outcome of these subjects. This would be a longitudinal follow-up study with two groups--very low
birthweight preterms who suffer IVH and preterm controls matched on
severity of respiratory distress syndrome and medical complications.
Assessments would be made in the neonatal period and at 3, 12, 18, 24, and
36 months. A battery of medical and developmental assessments would be
administered at each time point, with an emphasis on measures of language,
visual-motor functioning and attention. Questionnaires about the infant's
temperament and amount of life change which the family is experiencing
would periodically be completed by the mothers. An assessment of
mother-infant interaction and the physical characteristics of the home
would be made during visits to the home at 3, 12, 24, and 36 months. A variety of statistical techniques would be used to analyze the data
including discriminant analysis and repeated measures analyses of variance
to examine group differences in outcome measures, and analysis of
covariance with multiple regression to evaluate the contributions of a
number of birth complications and status variables on group differences in
the outcome measures. Discriminant analyses will be used to determine
whether specific types of deficits are associated with the loci of the
hemorrhages. The project would be a multidisciplinary effort, including physicians,
developmental psychologists, and other health-related professionals such as
speech pathologists, physiotherapists and social workers. The results of
this study would make a valuable contribution to an understanding of the
optimal long-term management of children who suffer IVH.
Effective start/end date4/1/8512/31/91


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