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The Garden State LSAMP (GS-LSAMP) will build upon the findings and successes realized in the Phase I implementation. GS-LSAMP achieved its 5-year goal in Phase I of doubling the number of STEM Baccalaureate degrees earned by students historically underrepresented in STEM disciplines in just four years by developing a transformative system of recruitment and retention based primarily upon innovative use of online education resources, research experiences, and best practices. In Phase II, the transformative system of practices will be enhanced by focusing on two critical transition points for students: (1) community college to a four-year institution in STEM and (2) STEM baccalaureate program to graduate school in STEM. The overall goal is to enhance pathways for students in STEM disciplines to seamlessly transition through a baccalaureate program and into STEM graduate programs or STEM careers. Focusing on these two critical transition points will allow GS-LSAMP to continue to be successful in producing students who are well-prepared and well-qualified for admission into STEM graduate programs and the STEM workforce, thereby improving the diversity of the workforce and enhancing the nation's global competitiveness.For the first transition point, effective practices of GS-LSAMP will be expanded into a consortium of five nearby community colleges all of which are Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) and primary feeders to the alliance. A new designation has been developed making them Associate Members of the Garden State LSAMP. Associate membership will aid the community colleges in instituting the practices that made the Garden State LSAMP successful. Through a series of interactions and sharing of resources, a new and seamless transition model from community colleges to four-year institutions will be developed for students historically underrepresented in STEM. For the second transition point, GS-LSAMP will encourage and facilitate the transition of LSAMP scholars into graduate school and research careers by integrating research and international experiences into the undergraduate academic program. The goal is to greatly increase the percent of graduating LSAMP scholars who attend graduate school and consider pursuing careers that involve research. International experiences will be offered by pooling all of the opportunities from across the alliance to find the best fit for individual student needs. GS-LSAMP's structured program, which will 'guide scholars along the entire path from first interest in a STEM discipline all the way to a career', will build knowledge about how to develop a strong regional alliance and can become a model for other alliances (consortia of institutions) to replicate for the success of a diverse and talented group of students.
Effective start/end date7/15/146/30/19


  • National Science Foundation (National Science Foundation (NSF))


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