Louisana Biomedical Research Network

  • Jha, Shantenu (PI)
  • Silverman, Harold (PI)
  • Wischusen, Everett William (PI)
  • Klei, Thomas R. (PI)
  • Pezold, Frank (PI)
  • Carroll, Marion (PI)
  • Lavezzi, Tracey (PI)
  • Hester, Barry (PI)
  • Tate, Twintillia (PI)
  • Mukerji, Shampa (PI)
  • James, Deadra (PI)
  • Peter, Aku (PI)
  • Doomes, Earl (PI)
  • Walker, Edwin B. (PI)
  • Salvatore, Brian (PI)
  • Claville, Michelle (PI)
  • Logan, Dewayne (PI)
  • Findley, Ann (PI)
  • Ohene, Frank (PI)
  • Roane, David (PI)
  • Rodriguez, Juan (PI)
  • Uppu, Rao (PI)
  • El Sayed, Khalid (PI)
  • Sumeet, Dua (PI)
  • Adegboye, David (PI)
  • Colvin, Lisa (PI)
  • Huiguang, Zhu (PI)
  • Mahdavian, Elahe (PI)
  • Seidel, Edward (PI)
  • Kodiyalam, Sanjay (PI)
  • Cvek, Urska (PI)
  • Nguyen, Doan (PI)
  • Gray, Wesley (PI)
  • D'Auvergne, Oswald (PI)
  • Trutschl, Marjan (PI)
  • Kousoulas, Konstantin (PI)
  • Sethi, Prerna (PI)
  • Sit, Ping- (PI)
  • Samkutty, Pushpa (PI)
  • Hsia, Shaochung Victor (PI)
  • Gissendanner, Christopher Ruark (PI)
  • Hussain, Alamdar (PI)
  • Satyanarayanajois, Seetharama (PI)
  • Paun, Andrei (PI)
  • Jois, Seetharama (PI)
  • Chiu, Alan Wing (PI)
  • Feng, June (PI)
  • Shuju, Bai (PI)
  • Mahdavian, Elahe (PI)
  • Zhang, K.U.N. (PI)
  • Sethi, Prerna (PI)
  • Dancik, Garrett Marc (PI)
  • Chen, K.U.I. (PI)
  • Ogunkoya, Yetunde (PI)
  • Satyanarayanajois, Seetharama (PI)
  • Martinez-Ceballos, Eduardo (PI)
  • Williams-Hart, Tara (PI)
  • McFerrin, Harris Edward (PI)
  • Shuh, Maureen (PI)
  • Tietzel, Illya (PI)
  • Liu, Yong (PI)

Project Details


DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): In the future, as in the past, many of
the seminal achievements in biomedical research will occur through
interdisciplinary collaborations. The recent emergence of high-performance
computing algorithms, parallel computers, visualization tools, and three-dimensional
(3D) virtual environments provides new and powerful approaches to
understanding the rapidly emerging frontiers of biomedical science. Thus,
there is a critical need to recruit and train a new generation of students and
faculty with interdisciplinary expertise in biology, computer and physical
sciences, and engineering. Recently, the BCVC was established in Louisiana,
with initial funding by a Health Excellence Grant of $3.85 million from the
Board of Regents. The BCVC consists of 23 interdisciplinary research faculty
representing the Departments of Pathology and Genetics, as well as the Eye
Center at the LSU Health Science Center (LSUHSC) in New Orleans; and the
Departments of Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Computer
Science, and Mechanical Engineering at LSU. The goal of this application is
to enhance interdisciplinary faculty research and student learning supported
by the BCVC, and to expand access to the BCVC so that more institutions across
the state, including predominantly undergraduate institutions, will have
access to and become partners in BCVC activities. Two of the institutions
participating as partners in this effort, Southern University in Baton Rouge
(SU), and Southern University in New Orleans (SUNO), have student populations
that are predominantly minorities that are under-represented in the sciences.
In particular, specific goals for this application are to: 1) network the
BCVC facilities to SU, SUNO and to the University of Louisiana-Monroe (ULM);
2) provide summer research opportunities for students and faculty at SU, SUNO
and at ULM to work in the BCVC; 2) strengthen the research capabilities of the
primarily undergraduate institutions through the support of new faculty hiring
in research areas appropriate to each of the institutions; 3) promote formal
faculty pairs to mentor research students and junior faculty; and 4) recruit
qualified students, particularly from under-represented groups across
Louisiana, to participate in the programs developed in the formal LBRIN
partnership institutions.
Effective start/end date9/25/014/30/15


  • National Institutes of Health
  • National Institutes of Health
  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)

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