NeTS-FIND: A Geometric Stack for Location-Aware Networking

Project Details


Proposal Number: 0627032

PI: Marco Gruteser

Institution: Rutgers University

Title: NeTS-FIND: A Geometric Stack for Location-Aware Networking


This project addresses the challenge of integrating location information into the network architecture through a multi-resolution distributed location service, combined with trajectory-based forwarding as a key routing primitive. The location service that will be developed under this project builds a hierarchy of servers on the location registries available in wireless networks to keep track of associated nodes. Each node is associated with a home area, so that the location-service only needs to track nodes away from home. In addition, each level stores position information at progressively lower resolution, which improves both scalability (less updates) and privacy (less sensitive information). The trajectory-based forwarding mechanisms also allows for efficient coordinate system ranslations at routers.

Project results are expected to provide guidance for handling location information in a future comprehensive network architecture. They may also influence the evolution of current Internet architecture. For example, geographic routing could improve manageability through smaller routing tables or the geocast concept may be incorporated into layer 2.5 designs for future vehicular networks. Similarly, the results of the location-service design may inform interested users of the possibilities of low-cost tracking services for large numbers of objects, for example at the FEMA for disaster management. The experimental and design components of this project will also enhance Rutger's graduate education.

Effective start/end date9/1/068/31/10


  • National Science Foundation: $400,000.00


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