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The core project has seven basic functions: 1) To create the conditions
for the application and further development of a common, bio-behavioral
model for each of the participating research projects; 2) To generate a
data base on a sample of 800 elderly African Americans at risk for both
infectious illness and major chronic conditions such as diabetes and
hypertension and at risk due to failure to obtain flu immunization and
poor dietary practices. The data base will be used by specific projects
examining particular bio-behavioral processes, e.g., life stressors,
social support, dietary practices and immune function, and to develop
interventions to modify these risk processes; 3) To guide and participate
in the production of brief interventions to promote healthy behaviors and
to assist with the development of the various sub-studies to test the
efficacy of these interventions; 4) To provide a set of methodological
skills ranging from automated data acquisition and data management to
data analyses [consultation and assistance in data analysis with SAS,
SPSS and LISREL 7] to be used in the acquisition of the data for the core
and sub-study samples; 5) To insure the integration of all projects at
both theoretical/ substantive and methodological levels; 6) To create an
environment suitable for the continuing education of senior (faculty),
junior (postdoctoral and graduate student) and beginning (undergraduates)
investigators. Core members, project leaders and project team members,
will participate in a monthly seminar focused on theoretical and
methodological issues arising in specific projects; 7) To attract African
American and Hispanic students, both undergraduate and graduate, to
careers in research and health services.
Effective start/end date9/30/938/31/98


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