• Azzam, Edouard (PI)
  • Geard, Charles (PI)
  • Hall, Eric (PI)
  • Amundson, Sally A. (PI)
  • Hei, Tom (PI)
  • Lieberman, Howard B. (PI)
  • Brenner, David Jonathan (PI)
  • Geard, Charles (PI)

Project Details


This Program Project presents, brings together, and links five projects
designed to investigate the biological effects of alpha particles with LETs
simulating those emitted by the daughter products of radon. The individual
projects each address this central theme from different points of view. The earliest observable biological effect of radiation in individual cells
is the production of chromosome aberrations, and their production by alpha
particles will be studied in detail. The special feature of this project is
the attempt to quantitate the effect of precisely known numbers of alpha
particles traversing single cells. This is particularly important, as it is
likely that most cells at risk will be traversed by no more than one alpha
particle. Since the hazard of radon in the human involves the stochastic late effects
of carcinogenesis, the experimental studies focus directly on oncogenic
transformation and on mutations or DNA modulations, which may be early
steps involved in the carcinogenic process. A variety of cellular and
molecular studies are proposed in this area. Assays for oncogenic transformation represent a powerful tool and will be
used for pragmatic studies involving the possible supra-additive
interaction of alpha particles with asbestos, tobacco-smoke condensate, and
a variety of chemicals, as well as the study of modulating influences, such
as hormones and retinoids. Mechanistic studies will be designed to identify
and characterize the molecular changes that lead to the induction of
malignancy. The alpha particles emitted by the radon daughters cover a range of
energies, and by the time they reach the critical cells in the lung, they
have LET values from about 90 to 250 keV/(mu)m. Alpha particles with this
range of LET values will be generated at the Radiological Research
Accelerator Facility.
Effective start/end date8/1/796/30/17


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