Spectrometer Upgrade for a Small Animal Imaging Core MRI

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Abstract Funds are requested for the acquisition of a digital spectrometer and auto-calibrating radiofrequency (RF) coils needed to upgrade our existing 1T static magnet MRI imaging system located in a multiuser imaging core facility. The spectrometer will replace an aged analog spectrometer that is currently controlling the RF coils. Our current analog spectrometer has been used for >85,000 scans over a 9- year period and is now prone to periodic failure during scanning sessions. The analog system also requires manual calibration of the RF coils several times throughout the day, which increases imaging session times and scan variability. The new digital spectrometer has increased capabilities compared to the analog unit, including improved and additional preprogrammed pulse sequences that will be particularly useful to the many research groups using the system. The digital spectrometer also captures respiration- and cardiac-gated images which is not possible with the current analog system. The funds requested will also be used to purchase a complete set of auto-calibrating RF coils including whole body rat, whole body mouse as well as high resolution rat head and mouse head coils. The mouse head coil can also be used for high-resolution scanning of isolated tissues and organs prior to histological processing and evaluation. The requested coils are designed to interface directly with the digital spectrometer and to fit the magnet bore of our specific MRI model. In addition, unlike our current RF coils and animal scanning beds, these coil/bed sets are heated to maintain the body temperature of anesthetized rodents during imaging. The spectrometer and RF coil upgrades are fully compatible with the 1T magnet base unit, which will be retained, thus saving cost over the purchase a totally new complete system. The upgraded MRI system, which includes the digital spectrometer and the four, ?new generation? RF coils, upgraded controller computer, new acquisition software, animal bed heating system and animal monitor used for respiration and cardiac gating, will be housed in the same room in place of our current unit within a multiuser academic molecular imaging center which also maintains other imaging modalities including PET/CT, Ultrasound, Optical/X ray and nanoCT.
Effective start/end date9/1/218/31/22


  • NIH Office of the Director: $225,600.00


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