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The primary goals of PHRI's Summer Science Lab, an educational program
for minority high school students and teachers are: I) to nurture and
develop the interest of minority students in science and science-related
careers; and 2) to give teachers enough laboratory experience so that
they are able to update and enrich the scientific concepts taught at the
classroom level and thereby interest and influence their students to
consider careers in science. The program will expand and improve PHRI's
existing summer program that is funded by NIH. Specific aims are: l) to
provide an overview of the progress and tools of molecular biology; 2)
to discuss details regarding research underway at PHRI; 3) to illustrate
the relationship of research to clinical practice and public health; and
4) to provide each participant with a meaningful, hands-on laboratory
experience unavailable in most public school classrooms. Through
meetings, discussions, trips and laboratory work students and teachers
will have opportunities to share their experiences, and present their
work to their peers. At the culmination of the program, participants will
present formally. Continued contact during the school year will expand
the effectiveness and reach of the program and help teacher participants
to integrate their experiences into their curriculums, thus impacting
more students than PHRI can accommodate in laboratories. Ongoing follow-
up will track participants and help refine and improve the content and
effectiveness of the program.
Effective start/end date9/30/949/29/97


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