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How are teacher expectations related to student achievement? Are
students readily influenced by erroneous teacher beliefs? Are some
types of students more likely than others to be influenced by teacher
expectations? Are the expectations of some types of teachers more
likely to be self-fulfilling? What are some of the interpersonal
processes by which teacher expectations influence and are influenced by
students' achievements and motivation? To address these questions, the proposed research will examine relations
among naturally-occurring teacher expectations influence student
achievement. Five phases of research involving secondary analysis of
data on over 3000 students and 200 teachers in sixth and seventh grade
math classes in 12 districts in southeastern Michigan. Phase I will test
the following hypotheses: 1) Teacher expectations lead to self-
fulfilling prophecies and perceptual biases; 2) Teacher expectations are
accurate (hypotheses 1 and 2 are not mutually exclusive); 3) Teacher
expectations predict student achievement more because they are accurate
than because they lead to self-fulfilling prophecies or perceptual
biases. Phase II will test the hypothesis that student motivation
mediates the self-fulling effects of teachers' expectations on student
achievement. Phase III will address factors moderating (facilitating and
inhibiting) teacher expectation effects. It will test hypotheses
regarding the extent of self-fulfilling prophecies, perceptual biases,
and accuracy among different situations, teachers, and students. Phase
IV focuses on the hypothesis that the self-fulfilling effects of teacher
expectations accumulate over several years (differences among students
that result from self-fulfilling prophecies increase each year). Phase V
will address the extent to which teacher expectations for whole classes
are self-fulfilling, biasing, and accurate. Thus, the proposed research
will address basic issues concerning the social construction of reality
in an important practical context-- teacher expectations for students.
Effective start/end date6/1/925/31/98


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