Aerodynamic Flow Deflector

Francisco Diez-Garias (Inventor), Arturo Villegas Vaquero (Inventor)

Research output: Innovation


Invention Summary: With the potential to increase wind farm revenue by up to 30%, this invention consists of several aerodynamic elements which can be retrofitted to any existing wind turbine blade. It can be applied to any current or any new wind turbine design. It is passive and does not require any external power to function, the aerodynamic elements are typically shaped as flat plates or thin airfoils, and it can be combined with vortex generators. The deflector has been found to increase power generation by 10% when added to wind turbine blades in recent prototype tests. This translates into a 10% increase of the Annual Energy Production (AEP). Based on the experimental data, for a 1MW wind turbine with the aerodynamic elements it is estimated to have an incremental profit potential of $30,000/year. (Ask for our case study.) Market Applications: Wind turbine farms Tidal energy installation Advantages: Worldwide implementation of this technology could result in substantial annual revenue improvements Novel opportunity for cheaper wind turbine energy Intellectual Property & Development Status: Patent pending. Prototype completed. This invention is licensed to XPEED Turbine Technology . Please contact them directly to find out more about this exciting Rutgers Technology.
Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - May 2015


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