An overview of structural genomics

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With access to sequences of entire human genomes plus those of various model organisms and many important microbial pathogens, structural biology is on the verge of a dramatic transformation. Our newfound wealth of sequence information will serve as the foundation for an important initiative in structural genomics. We are poised to embark on a systematic program of high-throughput X-ray crystallography and NMR spectroscopy aimed at developing a comprehensive view of the protein structure universe. Structural genomics will yield a large number of experimental protein structures (tens of thousands) and an even larger number of calculated comparative protein structure models (millions). This enormous body of structural data will be freely available, and promises to accelerate scientific discovery in all areas of biological science, including biodiversity and evolution in natural ecosystems, agricultural plant genetics, breeding of farm and domestic animals, and human health and disease.

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JournalNature structural biology
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StatePublished - Nov 20 2000
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