Aryl and Arylalkyl Substituted 3-Hydroxypyridin-2(1H)-ones: Synthesis and Evaluation as Inhibitors of Influenza A Endonuclease

Hye Yeon Sagong, Joseph D. Bauman, Aitor Nogales, Luis Martínez-Sobrido, Eddy Arnold, Edmond J. LaVoie

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Seasonal influenza infections are associated with an estimated 250–500 000 deaths annually. Resistance to the antiviral M2 ion-channel inhibitors has largely invalidated their clinical utility. Resistance to neuraminidase inhibitors has also been observed in several influenza A virus (IAV) strains. These data have prompted research on inhibitors that target the cap-snatching endonuclease activity of the polymerase acidic protein (PA). Baloxavir marboxil (Xofluza®), recently approved for clinical use, inhibits cap-snatching endonuclease. Resistance to Xofluza® has been reported in both in vitro systems and in the clinic. An X-ray crystallographic screening campaign of a fragment library targeting IAV endonuclease identified 5-chloro-3-hydroxypyridin-2(1H)-one as a bimetal chelating agent at the active site. We have reported the structure–activity relationships for 3-hydroxypyridin-2(1H)-ones and 3-hydroxyquinolin-2(1H)-ones as endonuclease inhibitors. These studies identified two distinct binding modes associated with inhibition of this enzyme that are influenced by the presence of substituents at the 5- and 6-positions of 3-hydroxypyridin-2(1H)-ones. Herein we report the structure–activity relationships associated with various para-substituted 5-phenyl derivatives of 6-(p-fluorophenyl)-3-hydroxypyridin-2(1H)-ones and the effect of using naphthyl, benzyl, and naphthylmethyl groups as alternatives to the p-fluorophenyl substituent on their activity as endonuclease inhibitors.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1204-1223
Number of pages20
Issue number12
StatePublished - Jun 18 2019

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  • antiviral
  • endonuclease
  • influenza
  • inhibitors
  • pyridine-2-ones

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