California planning agency experiences with automated mapping and geographic information systems

S. French, L. Wiggins

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Within the past decade a wide array of powerful computing tools has been developed for spatial analysis, producing maps and for manipulating geographic information. Recent estimates indicate that the annual sales of GIS software is increasing at a rate of 30-40%. Since these systems can readily perform a number of functions that are directly of benefit in urban planning applications, various types of computer assisted mapping systems have been incorporated into planning practice. Past research by the authors shows that a significant number of local planning agencies in California either had implemented, or were planning to implement, some type of mapping system in 1989 or 1990. As in any diffusion process, the experience of agencies that have already developed automated mapping systems can greatly benefit those who are just beginning to move into this new technology. In order to document current planning agency experience with developing and using various types of mapping systems and more carefully to describe the characteristics of the systems now in use, a postal questionnaire survey of city and county planning agencies in California was conducted in March 1989. Based on the results of this survey we show that there is a large number of minicomputer systems and stand-alone microcomputers used for mapping purposes by these planning agencies. -from Authors

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StatePublished - 1991
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