Coherent π0 photoproduction on the deuteron up to 4 GeV

D. G. Meekins, D. J. Abbott, A. Ahmidouch, C. S. Armstrong, J. Arrington, K. A. Assamagan, O. K. Baker, S. P. Barrow, D. P. Beatty, D. H. Beck, S. Y. Beedoe, E. J. Beise, J. E. Belz, C. Bochna, P. E. Bosted, E. J. Brash, H. Breuer, R. V. Cadman, L. Cardman, R. D. CarliniJ. Cha, N. S. Chant, G. Collins, C. Cothran, W. J. Cummings, S. Danagoulian, F. A. Duncan, J. A. Dunne, D. Dutta, T. Eden, R. Ent, B. W. Filippone, T. A. Forest, H. T. Fortune, V. V. Frolov, H. Gao, D. F. Geesaman, R. Gilman, P. L.J. Gueye, K. K. Gustafsson, J. O. Hansen, M. Harvey, W. Hinton, R. J. Holt, H. E. Jackson, C. E. Keppel, M. A. Khandaker, E. R. Kinney, A. Klein, D. M. Koltenuk, G. Kumbartzki, A. F. Lung, D. J. Mack, R. Madey, P. Markowitz, K. W. McFarlane, R. D. McKeown, Z. E. Meziani, M. A. Miller, J. H. Mitchell, H. G. Mkrtchyan, R. M. Mohring, J. Napolitano, A. M. Nathan, G. Niculescu, I. Niculescu, T. G. O'Neill, B. R. Owen, S. F. Pate, D. H. Potterveld, J. W. Price, G. L. Rakness, R. D. Ransome, J. Reinhold, P. M. Rutt, C. W. Salgado, G. Savage, R. E. Segel, N. Simicevic, P. Stoler, R. Suleiman, L. Tang, B. P. Terburg, D. Van Westrum, W. F. Vulcan, S. E. Williamson, M. T. Witkowski, S. A. Wood, C. Yan, B. Zeidman

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The differential cross section for 2H(γ,d)π0 has been measured at deuteron center-of-mass angles of 90° and 136°. This work reports the first data for this reaction above a photon energy of 1 GeV, and permits a test of the apparent constituent counting rule and reduced nuclear amplitude behavior as observed in elastic ed scattering. Measurements were performed up to a photon energy of 4.0 GeV, and are in good agreement with previous lower energy measurements. Overall, the data are inconsistent with both constituent-counting rule and reduced nuclear amplitude predictions.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number052201
Pages (from-to)522011-522014
Number of pages4
JournalPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
Issue number5
StatePublished - Nov 1999

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics


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