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This paper discusses the basic considerations relevant to convective flow in a stably stratified environment. The conditions for a stratification to be stable are considered first, leading to the limiting circumstance of adiabatic stratification. Similarity solutions for buoyancy-driven flows in stratified media are considered in detail, in order to discuss the underlying physical mechanisms. The nature of the resulting flow and of the associated thermal field is discussed and related to the effect of stratification on the local buoyancy level. The decay of a given stratification with time due to diffusion and heat loss is discussed. The rise of thermal plumes and buoyant jets in a stratified environment is considered in detail. Buoyancy-driven flows in enclosed regions of stratified fluids are important in heat rejection, energy storage and enclosure fires. This flow circumstance is discussed, along with penetrative convection that arises in certain practical problems.

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StatePublished - Dec 1 1985

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