Differential transmission of extra genome chromosomes in pentaploid blueberry

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Transmission of extra genome chromosomes by three Vaccinium ashei (2n=6x=72)/V. corymbosum (2n=4x=48) pentaploid hybrids backcrossed to the hexaploid species V. ashei was examined. Chromosome numbers were determined for 36 and 31 progeny representing 5x × 6x and 6x × 5x type crosses, respectively. Chromosome numbers ranged from hypopentaploid (2n=4x+11=59) to hexaploid with means of 2n=66.2 for 5x × 6x progeny and 2n=68.0 for 6x × 5x progeny, representing overall extra genome chromosome gains of 3.3% and 33.3%, respectively. Extra chromosome number distributions for both the 5x × 6x and x × 5x progeny deviated significantly from the theoretical distribution assuming random chromosome transmission and were also found to be heterogeneous. The 2n=5x+9=69 class predominated in 6x × 5x progeny, while a predominate class was lacking in the 5x × 6x progeny. Higher than expected frequencies of plants with chromosome numbers near the pentaploid and hexaploid levels were found in the 5x × 6x progeny, whereas the frequency was only greater at the hexaploid number in 6x × 5x progeny. Present and previous results (Vorsa et al. 1986) indicate that extra genome chromosome transmission in oddploids can be influenced by selection at both gametophytic (pollen) and post-zygotic stages. However, post-zygotic selection may involve two different mechanisms acting concurrently: 1) chromosome imbalance due to aneuploidy and/or 2) endosperm imbalance referring to maternal: paternal genome ratios deviating from 2:1. Such a mechanism could result in differential transmission rates of extra genome chromosomes in oddploids when crosses are made to differing ploidy levels, and to reciprocal differences as well.

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JournalTheoretical and Applied Genetics
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StatePublished - Apr 1 1988


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  • Aneuploidy
  • Blueberry
  • Endospermimbalance
  • Extrachromosome transmission
  • Pentaploid hybrid

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