Erosion control strategies for bay and estuarine beaches

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Erosion of bay and estuarine beaches is a widespread problem in the United States. Waves on these beaches are low and have short periods, and rates of longshore sediment transport are low. Erosion rates are high because of the lack of a mechanism for sediment deposition between storms and because there is little sediment on bay shorelines to replenish losses. Bay beaches are lower, narrower, and have a different appearance from ocean beaches, and they provide an alternative for human use. Static shore protection structures are a more viable solution on developed bay beaches than on ocean beaches. Beach nourishment has great value where recreation demand is high. Strategies can be developed to enhance values that are complementary and supplementary to those provided by ocean beaches, but these strategies should be designed specifically for a bay side location.

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JournalCoastal Management
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StatePublished - 1989

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