Exploration and Analysis of DNA Microarray and Other High-Dimensional Data: Second Edition

Dhammika Amaratunga, Javier Cabrera, Ziv Shkedy

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In August 1999, at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Baltimore, two of us [DA & JC] were invited to present a paper on "The Analysis of DNA Microchip Data." This was the first presentation in any Joint Statistical Meetings on the topic of DNA microarrays, as they are now called. In just a few years, the field has exploded and, in each of the recent Joint Statistical Meetings, there have been over a hundred presentations related to DNA microarrays! The Baltimore paper outlined many of the issues that are still being discussed today, including intensity-dependent normalization, the use of methods that are robust to outliers, improving the sensitivity of the analysis by borrowing strength across genes, and interpretation of results in a way that is germane to the overall objectives of a study. However, there have been many developments since then, and this book represents our effort at organizing this material into a semicoherent whole.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Number of pages317
ISBN (Electronic)9781118364505
ISBN (Print)9781118356333
StatePublished - Mar 17 2014

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