Fine structure of convex sets from asymmetric viewpoint

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We study a sequence of measures of symmetry {σm(L, O)}m≥1 for a convex body L with a specified interior point O in an n-dimensional Euclidean vector space ε. The mth term σm(L, O) measures how far the m-dimensional affine slices of L (across O) are from an m-simplex (viewed from O). The interior of L naturally splits into regular and singular sets, where the singular set consists of points O with largest possible σn(L, O). In general, to calculate the singular set is difficult. In this paper we derive a number of results that facilitate this calculation. We show that concavity of σn(L, .) viewed as a function of the interior of L occurs at points O with highest degree of singularity, or equivalently, at points where the sequence {σm(L, O)}m≥1 is arithmetic. As a byproduct, these results also shed light on the structure and connectivity properties of the regular and singular sets.

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Pages (from-to)171-189
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JournalBeitrage zur Algebra und Geometrie
Issue number1
StatePublished - Apr 2011

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  • Convex set
  • Distortion
  • Measure of symmetry


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