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Processing and piezoelectric properties of several different composites with 0-3 connectivity are reviewed. In these composites a piezoelectric ceramic powder such as PbZr//1// minus //xTi//xO//3 (PZT), PbTiO//3 or (Pb,Bi)(Ti,Fe)O//3 is used as a filler in a polymer matrix. The value of hydrostatic voltage coefficient g//h of these composites is higher than the corresponding properties of single phase materials. Composites with PbTiO//3 or (Pb,Bi)(Ti,Fe)O//3 as fillers have higher piezoelectric voltage coefficients than PZT-polymer composites because of the greater anisotropy and lower dielectric constants of these systems. Fabrication of 0-3 composites is a relatively simple process which can be adapted to the production of piezoelectric fabrics, piezoelectric cables, and piezoelectric paint.

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PublisherTechnomic Publ Co
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ISBN (Print)0877625697
StatePublished - 1987

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