P. L. McCarty, L. Y. Young, J. M. Gossett, D. C. Stuckey, J. B. Healy

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This research is concerned with the efficacy of heat treatment to convert refractory organic materials to biodegradable substances so that they will be convertible biologically to methane gas. Organic municipal refuse was used to represent a typical lignocellulosic waste material. This material was subjected to heat treatment at temperatures from 25 degree to 250 degree C, pH from 1 to 13, and for times up to 3 hours. Based upon short-term biogradability tests, optimum temperature for improvement of biodegradability increased with increase in pH from 130 degree C at pH 1 to 200 degree C at pH 13. With alkaline treatment, maximum biodegradability was low. Increased solubilization of organics was achieved with increased temperature at all pHs, the maximum observed being 90 percent at ph 13 and 250 degree C. Semi-continuous digestion studies indicated greater increase in biodegradability resulted from heat treatment than was predicted from the short-term biodegradability studies. Results suggest that a two-stage digestion system with heat treatment of material from the first stage at pH 13 and 200 degree C would result in an additional 73 percent volatile solids destruction, a 73 percent increase in methane production, and a 36 percent reduction in volatile solids for ultimate disposal. Refs.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Number of pages21
StatePublished - Jan 1 1977
Externally publishedYes
EventMicrob Energy Convers, Proc of a Semin - Goettingen, Swed
Duration: Oct 1 1976Oct 1 1976


OtherMicrob Energy Convers, Proc of a Semin
CityGoettingen, Swed

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    McCarty, P. L., Young, L. Y., Gossett, J. M., Stuckey, D. C., & Healy, J. B. (1977). HEAT TREATMENT FOR INCREASING METHANE YIELDS FROM ORGANIC MATERIALS.. 179-199. Paper presented at Microb Energy Convers, Proc of a Semin, Goettingen, Swed, .