Howard L. Resnikoff, Lotfi Zadeh, Richard J. Herrnstein, Michael E. Lesk, Roger Schank, Henry A. Sowizral, Joseph F. Traub, Donald Walker, Martha E. Williams, Joe B. Wyatt

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This Workshop is concerned in general with the health of the scientific and engineering underpinnings of future advances in information technology. The progress of information technology depends on developments in computer science and computer engineering, but it also depends on advances in information science. Many of the important research problems that are related to the more effective use of information technology will be solved by the private sector without stimulus or aid from government. We have tried to focus on important basic and applied research issues which are not likely to be pursued by the private sector. We have tried to key basic long-term research issues to milestone special cases and experimental developments that can act as a guide and a test of progress toward deeper and longer-term goals.

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EditorsRobert F. Cotellessa
PublisherNoyes Publ
Number of pages12
ISBN (Print)081551008X
StatePublished - 1984
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