Is mRNA transcribed from the strand complementary to it in a DNA duplex?

G. Pieczenik, K. Horiuchi, P. Model, C. Mcgill, B. J. Mazur, G. F. Vovis, N. D. Zinder

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WE have tested the assumption that the messenger RNA sequence is uniquely determined by the DNA sequence complementary to it. Because RNA is usually transcribed from a DNA duplex, there is the possibility that the DNA strand that is not complementary to the mRNA influences the RNA base selection. This possibility exists in models that postulate like-with-like base pairs 1-3, triple helix models of DNA-DNA-RNA4, triple base interactions such as those described in tRNA5, and models in which RNA polymerase may confer a special type of specificity (non-Watson-Crick) to RNA base-DNA duplex interactions, as well as in experiments in which separated are compared with non-separated strands6-7.

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Pages (from-to)131-132
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Issue number5487
StatePublished - 1975
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