Job-Training and Relocation Experiences Among Displaced Industrial Workers

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This article examines the long-term reemployment, retraining, and relocation experiences of a random sample of displaced steelworkers from a manufacturing community in western Pennsyl vania who lost jobs due to plant closings in the early 1980s. Contrary to a frequently voaced conjecture that many displaced workers lack interest in exploring new employment options, this study found respondents to be active in pursuing retraining and employment in other locales. These efforts, however, were often thwarted by a number of social and economic difficulties that reduced the numbers of persons who actually relocated or enrolled in training. The economic benefits to those who did relocate or participate in training were mixed. Short-term, entry-level training did little to advance hourly wages, although more advanced training was associated with higher incomes. Out-of-state job searches were often unsuccessful, although persons who did find work and relocated had higher wages and employment levels than did those who did not relocate.

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JournalEvaluation Review
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StatePublished - Oct 1991

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