D. E. Murnick, C. K.N. Patel, M. Leventhal, O. R. Wood, H. W. Kigel

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Experiments are in progress at the double MP Tandem accelerator laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory, to measure the Lamb Shift in Cl**1**6** plus . Metastable 2s//1// one-half state ions are produced by electron pickup in thin (5 mu gm/cm**2) carbon foils by a beam of 17 plus Cl ions formed via stripping the 14 plus Cl beam at 190 MeV emergent from the accelerator. The metastable population is monitored by observing the spontaneous 2E1 and M1 decay using a Si(Li) x-ray spectrometer. The lifetime of the 2s// one-half state is found to be 4. 92ns ( plus or minus . 04) in agreement with calculations. A unique Q-switched CO//2 laser system consisting of an oscillator state with intracavity grating and a high power amplifier produces 3kW IR radiation at a 10% duty cycle.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pagesc1. 34-c1. 37
StatePublished - 1978
Externally publishedYes
EventInt Conf on Beam-Foil Spectrosc, 5th - Lyons, Fr
Duration: Sep 5 1978Sep 8 1978


OtherInt Conf on Beam-Foil Spectrosc, 5th
CityLyons, Fr

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