La2MnVO6 double perovskite: A structural, magnetic and X-ray absorption investigation

Tapas Kumar Mandal, Mark Croft, Joke Hadermann, Gustaaf Van Tendeloo, Peter W. Stephens, Martha Greenblatt

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The synthesis, electron diffraction (ED), synchrotron X-ray and neutron structure, X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) and magnetic property studies of La2MnVO6 double perovskite are described. Analysis of the synchrotron powder X-ray diffraction data for La2MnVO6 indicates a disordered arrangement of Mn and V at the B-site of the perovskite structure. Absence of super-lattice reflections in the ED patterns for La 2MnVO6 supports the disordered cation arrangement. Room temperature time-of-flight (TOF) neutron powder diffraction (NPD) data show no evidence of cation ordering, in corroboration with the ED and synchrotron studies (orthorhombic Pnma, a = 5.6097(3), b = 7.8837(5) and c = 5.5668(3) ; 295 K, NPD). A comparison of XAS analyses of La2TVO6 with T = Ni and Co shows T2+ formal oxidation state while the T = Mn material evidences a Mn3+ admixture into a dominantly Mn2+ ground state. V-K edge measurements manifest a mirror image behavior with a V 4+ state for T = Ni and Co with a V3+ admixture arising in the T = Mn material. The magnetic susceptibility data for La 2MnVO6 show ferromagnetic correlations; the observed effective moment, eff (5.72 B) is much smaller than the calculated moment (6.16 B) based on the spin-only formula for Mn 2+ (d5, HS) /V4+ (d1), supportive of the partly oxidized Mn and reduced V scenario (Mn3+/V3+).

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)4382-4390
Number of pages9
JournalJournal of Materials Chemistry
Issue number25
Publication statusPublished - Jun 26 2009


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