Lithium Insertion Compounds of the High-and Low-Temperature Polymorphs of LiFeSnO4

E. Wang, H. Eckert, N. Kimura, J. V. Waszczak, M. Greenblatt, R. H. Herber

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The high-temperature (HT) and low-temperature (LT) polymorphs of LiFeSnO4 with ramsdellite-related structures undergo lithium insertion reactions with n-BuLi at ambient temperature to stoichiometries Li2FeSnO4 (HT) and Li1.8FeSnO4 (LT). We report crystal-chemical data for the lithium insertion compounds and the behavior of the host compounds mixed with graphite as the positive electrodes in small lithium secondary test cells. 57Fe Mössbauer studies confirm the reduction of Fe3+ to Fe2+ in the lithiated compounds. 119Sn Mössbauer results show subtle differences of Sn-0 bonding and distortion of the SnO6 polyhedra in the two polymorphs. Magnetic susceptibility vs. temperature data show strong exchange interactions in both polymorphs and their lithiated analogues.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1661-1665
Number of pages5
JournalInorganic Chemistry
Issue number11
StatePublished - May 1 1985

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  • Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry


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