Mechanics of fretting fatigue tests of contacting dissimilar elastic bodies

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A popular fretting fatigue test applies a bulk compression that oscillates in phase with the fretting force. To understand the effect of the bulk compression on fretting, the effect of the bulk compression alone on the fretting stress state and microslip for contacting dissimilar elastic bodies is analyzed. This is accomplished by modeling the fretting configuration with a rigid indenter contacting a plane-strain elastic half-space with the effective elastic properties of the contacting pair. The indenter is loaded by a constant normal load while the half-space is subjected to remote compression parallel to its surface. The bulk compression has a pronounced effect on the stick-slip geometry underneath the contact of dissimilar materials. It is shown that the contacting pads serve as stress concentrators and a mechanism for the initiation of fretting fatigue cracks is discussed. This stress concentration effect is not present when the indenter and the half-space have the same elastic constants.

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JournalTribology Transactions
Issue number2
StatePublished - Apr 1992
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