Nature unmirrored, epistemology naturalized

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A. Knowledge and Justification: The nature of epistemic justification and its supervenience. B. Understanding and Validation: Two projects of epistemology, one to understand justification, the other to promote it. C. Epistemic Rationalism: A simple foundationalism of intuition and deduction. D. Reliabilism: A broader foundationalism. E. Foundationalism Assailed. F. Nature Unmirrored: Rorty reviewed. G. Reliabilist Foundationalism: Two problems. H. Coherence: A more radical response to the failure of rationalism. I. Perspectival Coherence: The requirement of an epistemic perspective and its relation to foundationalism. J. Epistemology of Epistemology. K. How to Naturalize Epistemology: Quine reviewed. L. Epistemology Naturalized: Through the Project of Validation.

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StatePublished - Apr 1983
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