Oppression and vengeance in the Cambodian genocide

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In April 2000, the Phnom Penh Post, an English-language newspaper, published an interview with a former Khmer Rouge cadre who had studied in Paris with Pol Pot and helped to found the Communist Party of Kampuchea (CPK). When asked why Pol Pot killed millions of people, the former cadre, who chose to remain anonymous, replied, "A s far as the killing is concerned, I don't think it was only Pol Pot. It was more about revenge-the revenge with Lon Nol [soldiers] for killing their husbands and wives before 1975." In subsequent parts of the interview, the cadre expanded on this assertion, which seemed to be related to his view that Pol Pot was a "gentle man" with a "good heart" who ultimately shouldn't be blamed for the killing.

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