Perceptions of Women's Power in the Late Republic: Terentia, Fulvia, and the Generation of 63 BCE

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Title of host publicationA Companion to Women in the Ancient World
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StatePublished - Feb 13 2012

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  • Antony, using Fulvia, face of "Victory" on the quinarius issues
  • Fulvia's public role, vociferously representing Antony's interests in Rome
  • Fulvia, and permission to triumph for Mark Antony's brother Lucius
  • Military wives in the Republic, wives role in managing family finances
  • Nobility of women, paradoxes rife for elite women at Rome
  • Perceptions of women's power in the Late Republic, Generation of 63 BCE
  • Roman male discourse, of writing a biography of Terentia
  • Terentia's role, in quashing the Catilinarian conspiracy
  • Women and Roman Politics, of Terentia taking the lead against Catilinarian conspirators
  • materna auctoritas and Servilia's influence over Brutus

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