Production of Ξ* resonances in ∑- induced reactions at 345 GeV/c

M. I. Adamovich, Yu A. Alexandrov, S. P. Baranov, D. Barberis, M. Beck, C. Bérat, W. Beusch, M. Boss, S. Brons, W. Brückner, M. Buénerd, C. Busch, C. Büscher, F. Charignon, J. Chauvin, E. A. Chudakov, U. Dersch, F. Dropmann, J. Engelfried, F. FallerA. Fournier, S. G. Gerassimov, M. Godbersen, P. Grafström, Th Haller, M. Heidrich, E. Hubbard, R. B. Hurst, K. Königsmann, I. Konorov, N. Keller, K. Martens, Ph Martin, S. Masciocchi, R. Michaels, U. Müller, H. Neeb, D. Newbold, C. Newsom, S. Paul, J. Pochodzalla, I. Potashnikova, B. Povh, R. D. Ransome, Z. Ren, M. Rey-Campagnolle, G. Rosner, L. Rossi, H. Rudolph, C. Scheel, L. Schmitt, H. W. Siebert, A. Simon, V. J. Smith, O. Thilmann, A. Trombini, E. Vesin, B. Volkemer, K. Vorwalter, Th Walcher, G. Wälder, R. Werding, E. Wittmann, M. V. Zavertyaev

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We report on a measurement of the differential and total cross sections of inclusive production of Ξ* resonances in ∑- - nucleus collisions at 345 GeV/c. The cross section for inclusive Ξ01530 production is about a factor of 5 below that of Ξ-1320 hyperons. The products of cross section and branching ratio for the observed channels Ξ01690 → Ξ- π+ Ξ-1820 → Ξ01530π- and Ξ-1950 → Ξ01530 π- are lower by yet another order of magnitude. The Ξ-1820 and Ξ-1950 resonances show significantly harder xF and pt distributions than Ξ- and Ξ01530 hyperons. A comparison of the xF-distribution to PYTHIA and QGSM predictions provides only a partial agreement.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)271-278
Number of pages8
JournalEuropean Physical Journal C
Issue number2
StatePublished - 1999

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  • Engineering (miscellaneous)
  • Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous)


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