Protecting Privacy in Continuous Location-Tracking Applications

Marco Gruteser, Xuan Liu

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The technology of location-based services (LBS) to tailor the functionality of user current location is discussed. The LBS involves user, provider of positioning technology, and one service provider. The use of disclosure-control algorithms that hide user's positions and withhold path information in sensitive areas visited. The current algorithms protect only the identity of current visited location. The development of algorithms in real world prototypes that collect outdoor movement traces through global positioning system and wireless local area network will protect the identity of the individual location in sensitive areas.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)28-34
Number of pages7
JournalIEEE Security and Privacy
Issue number2
StatePublished - Mar 2004
Externally publishedYes

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  • Computer Networks and Communications
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Law


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