Religious Synthesis at a Muslim Shrine

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Title of host publicationA Companion to the Anthropology of India
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StatePublished - Apr 27 2011

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  • "religious faith," "a way of life - non-monolithic and operationally plural"
  • Anthropology in United States, and Alfred Kroeber - defining culture, inherently hybrid phenomenon, over time accepting foreign elements
  • Conceptions of miraculous powers - barakat, karamat, or chamotkar (latter term used by Hindus)
  • Delegation of religious acts to ritual specialists - institution of Gotarka-Pir, highest societal ideals and values
  • First exorcism, pacifying wilderness - narratives of foundational figures, Swamiji Maharaj and Mohab Ali Shah, isomorphic
  • Marked tendency of Muslim visitors - shy about entering inner sanctum of the Ram temple
  • Muslim shrines, sacred spaces - routinized relationships, supernatural spaces in local sacred geography
  • Notions of whole and pure traditions - with not much credibility
  • Religious synthesis at a Muslim shrine
  • The Tablighi Jama't, itself aloof - from narrow political goals

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