Rock around the (tenure) clock: Research strategies for new academic librarians

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Purpose: An increasing amount of tenure-track academic librarians in the USA are expected to conduct original research and publish their results in peer-reviewed journals. However, librarians who are new not only to librarianship as a profession but also to academia may find it difficult to become acquainted with research while also mastering the day-to-day aspects of their job. The purpose of this paper is to examine why early career academic librarians struggle with research and to present some strategies these librarians can use to get started. Design/methodology/approach: The paper takes the form of a literature review. Findings: Librarians often do not research because of factors such as the lack of time and the lack of research skills. Many strategies, such as time management and collaboration, can help them overcome these barriers. Originality/value: Research is an important topic for academic librarians who hold tenure-track positions. However, they may be unfamiliar with the sort of research that will be required of them.

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JournalNew Library World
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StatePublished - Jan 2013

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