Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy of Graphene

Guohong Li, Eva Y. Andrei

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Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and spectroscopy (STS) are powerful tools that can reveal the intrinsic properties of the masslesss Dirac fermions in graphene. In particular in the presence of a magnetic field STS gives direct access to the unique sequence of quantized Landau levels providing evidence of the chiral nature of the Dirac fermions and their ultrarelativistic spectrum. A twist between graphene layers gives rise to moiré patterns viewed in STM and to Van Hove singularities in the density of states obtained with STS, which enables direct comparison between structure and electronic properties. STM/STS in graphene on SiO 2 provide valuable information about trapped charges, ripples, and other defects. Furthermore, STM can be used to manipulate graphene at nanometer scale.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationGraphene Nanoelectronics
Subtitle of host publicationMetrology, Synthesis,Properties and Applications
EditorsHassan Raza
Number of pages35
StatePublished - 2012

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NameNanoScience and Technology
ISSN (Print)1434-4904

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